SmartKits, or offline kits, are stocked in clinics for users to take directly, rather than ordering a kit online to be sent to their home in the post (hence the term “online” kits). Users will still be required to complete online registration and consultation prior to picking a kit up in a clinic. The kits are ‘smart’ because they can be tracked though their unique code.

There will be four SmartKit options (A-D) covering different combinations of tests. Some SmartKits will be unisex: they will include the components for a urine and vaginal swab collection, however the instructions will note that only one sample should be provided. This approach simplifies stock control for clinics.

When a patient has completed the online assessment (via the clinic’s unique web page/URL) and been offered self-sampling testing, an “I’m in a clinic” option will be shown. Selecting this option will prompt the user to collect (or ask for) the appropriate kit type (A-D) from the clinic premises. Once the user has the kit in hand they will enter the code (from the label on the kit) into the portal. Entering the code will verify that the kit is of the correct type and will link the kit to the user’s record.