The SHL Health Adviser Team is responsible for ensuring all patients with a positive result are aware and linked into appropriate care.

Patients who use this service will have a mobile number saved on the system which has been verified, an email address and a valid postal address for SHL to use for recall purposes. The Recall Health Adviser Team will also have the ability to see if an SMS has been read by the patient and can also see if a patient has logged onto the portal or not and/or requested (if eligible) online treatment with Lloyds Pharmacy.

The Recall Health Adviser Team has a set recall attempt pathway for each infection but will be flexible in their approach. A “no further action” decision will be made by the senior health adviser only, and this will only be considered once a patient has been sent a minimum of x3 SMS’s, x2 voicemails (if this facility is available) and x1 letter.

As previously stated, we expect clinics to conscientiously log onto the portal and update it when a patient has attended their service to avoid patients being contacted by the SHL Health Adviser Team needlessly.